Farmer’s Insurance Series of Spoofs on Dog Shows and Floods

Have you ever watched a dog show? The commentators often have snobby or british accents, and are not always very exciting; they describe what the dog is doing, almost like the commentators on a golf game… ho hum… or maybe it’s a spoof on the Olympic Divers since the Rio 2016 just finished.

Farmer’s Insurance created a series 8 silly videos about dogs diving into water. What makes them silly is that the dogs are diving into a living room full of nice furniture that has been flood by water.

Short Film – Gentleman’s Wager – Part 2 (with Jude Law)

Johnnie Walker Blue Label has done it again. Another 11 minute short film starring Jude Law, Giancarlo Giannini and Zhao Wei. (See previous “Gentleman’s Wager” here.)

So is this a commercial? Obviously, Johnnie Walker is branding here.  They are not overtly getting you to place an order on a website.  They are associated their brand and label with the finer things of life, the millionaire playboy lifestyle enjoyed by these two great actors.

In Part 1, Jude wants to buy a boat from Giancarlo, but “It’s not for sale”, and Jude proceeds it by winning a bet.  Similarly, in this film, Giancarlo has a beautiful old car, a blue Delahaye 135, also not for sale.  Jude offers to repair it and drive to Monte Carlo by noon the next day. He works feverishly to repair the vehicle, the sets off on his journey, only to be delayed by a beautiful damsel in distress.  I won’t spoil the end, enjoy watching!

Now you can see there was one well done product placement.  The bottle of Johnnie Walker is placed in the car by the lady he helped on the road.  Then at the end, he in turn gives it to the painter as an apology for running over his newly painted finish line.  You also see the butler serving a glass of whiskey in the garage, and later briefly toasting a glass in the library.

How Ryan Deiss at Digital Marketer Makes Videos

Here’s a behind the scenes look of a popular company, and some of the tools they use on a daily basis.

Here’s some of the equipment and software:
1) White background 8×16 feet mounted by metal frame (No longer uses green screen)
2) Lighting – two Cowboy kit softbox, 2 FotoDiox LED, and 1 above (eliminates shadows)
3) Audio – Sony UTX-B2 wireless Lavalier connects to Sony URX-P2 receiver (a bit costly)
4) Three Canon Vixia HF G10 camera, for multiple angles
5) Compress videos using HandBrake
6) Tripods: Manfrotto 546 B and MVH502A for tripod head, 2 Pearstone VT-2100
7) Teleprompter – iPad with “Visio Prompt” app
8) MacBook Pro – Adobe Premier, and After Effects, Sreen Flow for screen capture videos
9) Animated videos with PowToons
10) for stock footage and music

If you don’t want to get into all the “tech” of making videos, we can make videos for you.  That’s why we even call this site “Marketing Videos Done For You.”  Just show up at our studio, or we can come to you.  We can make a set of several videos in just an hour or so, then go back to our office to edit and upload them for you.  Visit our “contact page” to get started.


Have You Considered Passionate Poetry for your Commercial?

Here are two examples of Slam Poetry. It might be a genre you are not familiar with, if you’re not “hip.” I first saw it on an HBO series, and I’ve seen contests of high school kids competing. Below are two examples for you.

How could you use this in your business or marketing? Well, if you have something really passionate, and you’re targeting the under 35 crowd, then maybe it would work for you. You just have the passion, talents, and guts to do it. Or hire someone who can.

The first one is by a teacher, who was rudely asked “What do Teachers Make”?

The second one is by Dominique Christina & Denice Frohman and is entitled “No Child Left Behind”. It’s emphasizes the need for improvement in the school system.

The third one is poetry, but I don’t think it’s technially “Slam Poetry.”

For more brainstorm poetic ideas, see the Button Poetry – YouTube Channel

Johnnie Walker Commercial

Johnnie Walker does another amazing commerical (see earlier Johnnie Walker commercial here).

This one features Robert Carlyle, who I came to appreciate as Dr. Nicholas Rush in Stargate Universe TV series.

What makes this video unique is several things:

1.  The continuous walk down the beautiful Scottish countryside.  Robert surely had to have his script memorized and timed perfectly.

2. As he walks and talks, when he reaches a keyword in his script, a prop often appears on the side of the road.

3. It tells a story.  Do people know the story behind you and your product?  There’s an old saying that “Facts tell but stories sell.”  If you can tell a true story, it is often more interesting, and thus get more viewers and shares.  Further, since it is a TRUE story, it will be genuine, and more meaningful to the listeners.   People are also more likely to remember a story.

Shutterstock Photos and Videos

ShutterStock is a stock photo site, where you can search and download high quality images for use in your blogs, advertising, brochures, and other media. You can either buy “one off” images at fairly high prices, or you can get a monthly subscription, where you can download 25 images in a 24 hour period.

NOTE: That is not a day. The clock restarts when you have downloaded your 25th picture. So for example, on Monday, you between 8:00 and 9:00 you shop and download 25 pictures. That means the next time you can download a picture is at 9:00 on Tuesday. If it takes you an hour to shop and select your next images, you finish at 10:00 on Tuesday, and so you have to wait until 10:00 on Wednesday for your next download. I find that with this type of schedule, you have to put reminders on your calendar to get the most out of your subscription. I find that often, even when using the calendar, I often only download 25 images about every 18 or 48 hours, leaving 30-50% of my purchases “on the table”, i.e. unused and unavailable.

Shutterstock is basically a middleman. The buy and select pictures from any photographer than wants to upload them. The know which type of pictures sell, and they don’t accept every image. The photographer than gets a royalty on each sell. The buyer typically has the right to use the picture in any form. A very small number of pictures are allowed for editorials only, and not for advertising.

Shutterstock has ove 30 million images in its collection. Buyers typically search for keywords, such as “retired couple” or “businessman ladder”. In addition to images, Shutterstock also provides over one million Stock Video Clips.

Below is an interview with Jon Oringer, who founded Shutterstock in 2003. The website averages selling 3 images per second.

Teaching Math and Nature (Fibonacci) Made Fun

This is one of my favorite videos on YouTube. Vi (Victoria) Hart teaches all about Fibonaccci numbers, and how they occur in nature, particular with pine cones, spirals, and snails. The creator calls herself a “recreational mathemusician”. She has even had articles written about her in the New York Times.

This video is an excellent example of “stop motion”, where dozens or hundreds if time separated video shots are taken (or where the video is edited to remove the boring intervening parts). It’s also a great example of a type of “Doodle Video”, but this one is done with a real hand on a school notebook (unlike the fake Doodle videos where graphics are pretended to be drawn by a mysterious fake hand).

The video also offers extremely clever and entertaining narration that was carefully timed and spliced to match the video. We never even see Vi in the entire video, only her hand.

VideoMakerFX – Animated Videos – Great for Camera Shy Customers

Last year I bought VideoMakerFX during it’s product launch, it only cost $67. There is an optional monthly fee for additional templates, so you constantly get fresh images and ideas for new videos. I put it on the shelf, and didn’t really learn it until two weeks ago.

Below is a quick video I made for my Las Colinas SEO Marketing Company. One of the formulas is the character (Ann, or whatever you decided to call her), is unhappy and has a problem (aggravate problem to identify with your potential cusotmer). Until… she found… your solution. Describe benefits of your solution. Now Ann is happy… Click the link below for more information.

VideoMakerFX also offers male characters, and characters such as office and medical workers. It also has some doodle features. You can specify text, and it simulates that the hand is writing that text across the screen with a marker pen, as shown in static picture below:


Make a Movie Trailer About Your Business or Event

With a good video guy, it’s not hard to make a movie-style preview like you see in the theaters. This works especially well for events that you are promoting.  An affiliate of Yanik Silver did that for one of his recent “Underground Marketing Events”.

To learn more about “Yanik Silver“, check out this page about his bio and past products.


Put your promise or “hook” before your “intro”/authority video

Note in the video below, the author (a lady known as “Ace”), states her hook or promise up front (“to share five effective marketing strategies to help you solve one of the biggest problems in marketing, generating leads for your business” .  Then she says “I’ll see you when you get back.”   This is done in the first 23 seconds, and we know that people will often click off a video in those seconds.

So in other words, she did a smart thing by not putting the canned intro first.  She gave the “hook”, then the canned “intro” showed her authority, and why the viewer should trust her to provide this information.

Her intro/authority video runs form 0:23 to 0:41 – less than 20 seconds, showing beaches of the world, her and her husband having fun, etc…