How to Make a Cool YouTube Video? 8 Steps

Michael Mackintosh sells a “SuperHero Training” with Nick Good.

Maybe wearing the white glasses and cool hat is one of his tips?

1. Get a YouTube Channel
2. Get a camera, simple is fine (flip camera, or even phone camera will work)
3. Brainstorm Ideas – What does your tribe want to know more about?
4. Right Light – get the light facing you, not behind you
5. Shoot your video
6. Edit Video – add beginning/end, add any effects (text, fade-is)
7. Upload it – give it a good title
8. Don’t get upset! – You are only here to help your tribe, don’t worry about too few views, or people writing nasty comments.

He suggests becoming a producer (not a consumer), as I have suggested in my video below:

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