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Great Use of Green Screen – Faking a News Report

The following video most likely uses a green screen, i.e. the “news announcer” is standing in front of a green screen. He has a rather sophisticated background, with a simple video (or powerpoint style presentation going on in the box at the left). Most likely the creator of this video bought or licensed “stock footage” […]


Using Clever Titles such as “My Evil Friend Who Lives In My Pocket”

If you want to learn how to create great video titles, aka “headlines”, read the magazines at the supermarket checkout line. Here’s a video with a suggestive topic called “My Evil Friend Who Lies in My Pocket”. I thought he was talking about credit cards, but it turns out to be …. well you will […]


How to Make a Cool YouTube Video? 8 Steps

Michael Mackintosh sells a “SuperHero Training” with Nick Good. Maybe wearing the white glasses and cool hat is one of his tips? 1. Get a YouTube Channel 2. Get a camera, simple is fine (flip camera, or even phone camera will work) 3. Brainstorm Ideas – What does your tribe want to know more about? […]