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How Ryan Deiss at Digital Marketer Makes Videos

Here’s a behind the scenes look of a popular company, and some of the tools they use on a daily basis. Here’s some of the equipment and software: 1) White background 8×16 feet mounted by metal frame (No longer uses green screen) 2) Lighting – two Cowboy kit softbox, 2 FotoDiox LED, and 1 above […]


Have You Considered Passionate Poetry for your Commercial?

Here are two examples of Slam Poetry. It might be a genre you are not familiar with, if you’re not “hip.” I first saw it on an HBO series, and I’ve seen contests of high school kids competing. Below are two examples for you. How could you use this in your business or marketing? Well, […]


Johnnie Walker Commercial

Johnnie Walker does another amazing commerical (see earlier Johnnie Walker commercial here). This one features Robert Carlyle, who I came to appreciate as Dr. Nicholas Rush in Stargate Universe TV series. What makes this video unique is several things: 1.  The continuous walk down the beautiful Scottish countryside.  Robert surely had to have his script […]