Use An Animated Robot to Show What Your Software Accomplishes

I used to use the “Brute Force SEO” tool several years back. I found the sales video very compelling. It shows a robot sitting at a circular desk with four keyboards. The robot does everything for you, and even when the voice asks if it needs help, it replies that everything is being handled automatically.

I believe this video must have been very time consuming, and thus expensive to create. But Peter Drew was selling an approximate $1000/year license for use of the product. So I’m sure his investment in the video paid off.

Brute Force SEO Promo Video – Circa 2010

The product has improved over time, but this the original video.

Hangout Millionaire – Video Marketing VSEO

Use Variety Of Videos In Your Business – Example of Two Extremes

EmpowerNetwork_Million_Dollar_Earner_RingBelow, I want to show you two totally different styles of videos.  Shaqir has at least three business, each that make him a million dollars per year.  He is the youngest and first Brit to earn the Million Dollar earner ring in Empower Network. YouTube is of course one of his lead generating systems.

In the first video, Shaqir is wearing his preppy polo shirt, standing on a beautiful beech, and promoting his business.

In the second video, you could say he “lets his hair down”.  It’s recorded at 4:30 am, apparently after a late night session of working.  He is obviously tired, but he opens up more, you learn more about him.  He refers to prayers an Allah, letting you know a little about his spiritual side.

Each video has a time and a place. Each one make appeal to a different type of person, or be the nudge to get the person to click and move forward as a prospect or customer.

Shaqir Hussyin – On The Beaches of the World

Shaqir Hussyin – 4:30 am Heartfelt Rant on Success

To see how that business works, watch this short video:

Blackboard and Green Screen – A Nice Combo

I found this layout very impressive. The teacher is apparently sitting in front of a green screen, and is somehow merging that with his white board. Note how there is no box around his head and shoulders! That’s the sign that this is a green screen. Obviously, he is not in front of a real blackboard.  He is writing using either a graphic pen, or his mouse, and what he writes appears on the simulated chalkboard.  Then he can also share his screen on the same board.

His topic is Bitcoin Wallets, and if you don’t know what Bitcoins are yet, see my demo video: Neal Walters – Learn About Bitcoin.


See the actual video below






Show’em How It’s Made

In a recent post, I discussed tell your customers how you do what you do. In this case, show them how it’s made. The expertise and craftsmanship that goes into your product.

See a $1500 pair of men’s shoes being made:

Dapper Day At the Most Magical Place on Earth

How to make a day at Disney land even more special. On September 27, it’s “Dapper Day”. I’m not sure if this is smart marketing, or just plain fun.

Those in the know will come dressed up, in their own interpretation of “dapper”.  From the video, it looks most kind of take on 50-60’s innocent style.   Bow ties for men, and old-timey dresses for women seem to be the norm on this special day.

Learn more about Dapper Day here.

As always, I like to ask, how can you do this in your business?  If you don’t own a theme park, how could you apply this?  It would work for great for restaurants and various events.  Maybe even a shopping mall or a store could offer a special discount to anyone wearing a bow tie or high heels.


Show Off Your Skills – Example of Frank Howarth Building Bookcases

In this video, Frank Howarth (who seems to be the invisible man), shows how he made some really nice bookcases. He also shows solving a problem, getting the books from being stacked haphazardly and from being piled on the floor. He doesn’t actually seem to be selling anything in the video.

How can you use this in your business? Let people know how you do what you do. There is a famous example of how Coors Beer described how they made their beer with cool, clean, mountain water. Perhaps every other beer uses equally good water, but Coors capitalized on “how they did what they did”, and became the first beer to describe in detail the process behind how the beer was made. Again, not necessarily unique, but they told the inner workings of the process. In one of the other videos below, Frank gives a full tour of his woodwork shop. Is there something you can give a tour of to show your customers how you do things?

What video skills were used in this video? Well, 1) it’s similar to a “claymation” stop motion, where the video creator shapes little clay creatures. 2) He uses “time delay” to show a lot of work being done in a very short time (again the interesting thing is that you never see a human in the shots) 3) He uses humor, with the books “squeaking” and moving themselves on to the shelfs. 4) Another humorous element is how he animates the grippers and some of the tools, giving them human characteristics.

After seeing the above, I wanted to learn more about Frank, who is an architect, but has learned woodworking entirely on his own. Here are a couple of other must-see videos:

Frank buys a new country home and builds a new workshop

Frank gives tour of his wood workshop

See his full channel here Frank Howarth’s YouTube Channel

Start Your Own News Channel – Like Russel Brand

Like many of you, I first saw Russel Brand in several movies. I caught most of them on HBO, for example Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him to the Greek, and the remake “Arthur”. He also plays the voice of Dr. Nefario in the “despicable Me” animation movies.

Now he is a self-appointed newsman, offering to bring the “Trews” = the News that is True. He claims it will analyze media, dismantle media, creating a new frequency of “trewth” (truth).

I love the loft apartment look he has as his background in the video below.


Another “Short Film” by Jameson “First Shot”

Jameson Irish Whiskey apparently produces a short film each year.

According to this page:

Every year we look for talented film craftsmen to enter Jameson First Shot. We offer three writer/directors the opportunity to get a ‘first shot’ in the film industry by having their short film produced by the award-winning Trigger Street Productions whilst directing an A-list actor in the lead role.

And the prize:

Jameson First Shot comes with an incredible prize where one winner from each country will have their script made into a short film by Trigger Street Productions, starring Uma Thurman. This is an opportunity where you get to call the shots, direct a Hollywood star in your short film and have the backing of an award-winning production company. You couldn’t ask for more from a first shot.

Apparently they pick one winner who wrote a script from US, Russian, and South Africa, and they make a short film based on each.. This year, the actress for each was Uma Thurman.

How you could create a contest for you business, using video, or not using video?

Casey Neistat does it again – What would you do with $25,000?

Casey Neistat was onced ask to make a promotional video for Nike’s “fit” band. He spent the entire budget to travel around to exciting cities, doing sporty activities, and showing off the wristband.

More recently, 20th Century Fox came to him to do a video promotion for “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. The campaign was to be under the concept “live your dreams”, to “motivate inspire and give people a catalyst to do something they’ve never done.” It was just five days after November 7, 2013, the day the world’s strongest typhoon in recorded history made landfall in the Philippines. He took their $25,000 and got the company’s permission to

Warning: this may bring a tear or two to your eyes.

In a series of videos called “The Why that Makes You Cry“, I interview people like Casey who are making a difference in their lives, and the world around them. Check it out on YouTube on channel “NealWaltersChannel”.

Produce Your Own “Short” Movie to Promote Your Product

This is a more expensive route to advertising, but ingenious. Johny Walker Blue Label created a 6 and one half minute movie, staring Jude Law and Giancarlo Gannini. I saw it as a YouTube commercial, at the beginning of another video I had selected to watch. It looked like a movie trailer for a great new movie, so I watched. I thought it was a long trailer, being 6.5 minutes, but I was hooked.

The product placements are more than obvious, but who cares? It was fascinating, captivating, intriguing, and fun.

Enjoy – here it is: