The “Collage” Video – with Russell Brand

Below is a collage of videos from actor Russell Brand. He sounds like quite the philosopher. The videos are selected from dozens of television shows and interviews where Russell was being interviewed or speaking.

Russell is well known for movies such as Get Him to the Greek, Arthur, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Hop, and Rock of Ages.

Chris Pirillo – The Locker Gnome – Empowering the Geek Lifestyle; Finding Cool Stuff for You Since 1996!

Chris Pirillo became famous by doing tons of videos from his home desk using his geeky persona. He reviews products, and has built a loyal following over the years. He is famous for introducing new gizmos and gadgets to the techie world.

He is the founder and CEO of LockerGnome, Inc., a network of blogs, Web forums, mailing lists, and online communities with the bragging rights of over 100,000 members and 340,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel and and total video views of over 179,000,000. He has over 149,000 followers on Facebook and over 133,000 Twitter followers.

Chris provides the perfect example of how to build an online following. Here is an example of one of his recent 30 minute shows. It might not be your cup of tea, but he definitely has his own audience.

Solar RoadWays?

The product in this video is a genius idea, and they are using “crowd-funding” to fund it.

The video is a good example of “edutainment” – it’s informative, educations, at the same time selling you on the product. They make an interesting use of repetition, for example, at the end, repeating the product name as the answer to many different problems and issues.

Mimic Popular TV Commercials

This clever video below copies a concept of a famous TV commercial, easy to do, clever, and will probably get you lots of views. It’s also good to get your customers laughing with you.

Great Use of Green Screen – Faking a News Report

The following video most likely uses a green screen, i.e. the “news announcer” is standing in front of a green screen. He has a rather sophisticated background, with a simple video (or powerpoint style presentation going on in the box at the left). Most likely the creator of this video bought or licensed “stock footage” for the background. The bottom of the screen adds to the illusion that you are watching a real news report.

This looks very professional. Many marketers are creating “Google Hangouts” for to drive leads to local businesses. Notice the name of the towns in the video title, along with keywords such as “Hail Storm”.

Notice how the videographer used the same video footage in the next video:

If you are still wondering how “green screen” works, here is a video that gives you the inside scoop.

Using Clever Titles such as “My Evil Friend Who Lives In My Pocket”

If you want to learn how to create great video titles, aka “headlines”, read the magazines at the supermarket checkout line.

Here’s a video with a suggestive topic called “My Evil Friend Who Lies in My Pocket”. I thought he was talking about credit cards, but it turns out to be …. well you will have to watch the video to find out.

How to Make a Cool YouTube Video? 8 Steps

Michael Mackintosh sells a “SuperHero Training” with Nick Good.

Maybe wearing the white glasses and cool hat is one of his tips?

1. Get a YouTube Channel
2. Get a camera, simple is fine (flip camera, or even phone camera will work)
3. Brainstorm Ideas – What does your tribe want to know more about?
4. Right Light – get the light facing you, not behind you
5. Shoot your video
6. Edit Video – add beginning/end, add any effects (text, fade-is)
7. Upload it – give it a good title
8. Don’t get upset! – You are only here to help your tribe, don’t worry about too few views, or people writing nasty comments.

He suggests becoming a producer (not a consumer), as I have suggested in my video below:

Artsy Stop-Motion Makes Statistics Come Alive

This video took a very creative person, lot’s of time, and I’m sure if you commissioned a video like this, you would be spending lot’s of money. I love the way she demonstrated statistics by pouring out a jar of colored candies and then separating them into piles. Perhaps you could get some simple ideas like that which you could reproduce in your videos.

Who is Dependent on Welfare

Detailed Analysis of Marie Forleo’s Sales Video for B-School

James Wedmore analyzes Marie Forleo’s first of three videos. Marie is a “pro”, and makes super high quality videos with an excellent but soft sales message.

James realized that Marie spent many hours scripting this video; it wasn’t an off-the-cuff fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants style video (although those can be useful as well). She probably used a teleprompter, queue cards, or memorized her script. The act of creating the script is of course known as “copywriting”, a treasured skill in the marketing world.

Here are some of the key points that she hits:

  1. Thank You and Authority
  2. The Focus of this Training … and the key things you need to learn
  3. The benefit/results…
  4. The “Hook”
  5. Empathy – I know where you are coming from whether you are x or y
  6. Foreshadow Hook
  7. Overcome Objectioin #1 – Not a Get Rich Scheme
  8. Benefits of the Entire Video Series (i.e. the “Big Outcome”)
  9. Overcome Objection #2 – I’m not technical
  10. Intro to Her Story
  11. The Struggle she went through
  12. How far she has come – where she is today
  13. I’m like you (more empathy)
  14. Authority – Oprah, Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson
  15. Presell Video #2
  16. Recap
  17. Request for comment below (social interactoin)

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Using a “Toon-Video” to Sell

These types of videos are called “Toons”, “Cartoons”, “Sketchers” or “Doodle_Videos”. Basically, it looks like a persons hand is drawing cartoons or sketches in front of you while you listen to an accompanying audio track.

The following video is extremely well done, and long. Is this video too long? Dan Kennedy says that a 4 page sales letter outsells a 2 page sales letter, and that an 8 page sales letters outsells a four page letter, and even a 16 page letter outsells an 8 pager. If your a hitting the right buttons and pain points, and it’s not boring, the right customer will watch it.

There are shorter versions on YouTube. My guess is there primary function is to entice you to watch the longer video.

On their website, they have a button, that refers to the buy page:, however on YouTube, they are missing a “Call to action”. If you want to see their main sales funnel, check it out here: