Fully Raw Kristina – Fuirst-Infused Vitamin Water!

Kristina has mastered the art of making videos. Beautiful background (flowers), beautiful clothes, beautiful personaltiy… am in love?

Kristina has lived a full raw lifestyle for 8 years (as of 2014). She has 106 videos n her channel. She runs 6 to 8 miles per day, and eats 2500 calories per day. Listen to your body, but make sure you eat enough!

Showing Food and Friends in a Video – A Raw Food Thanksgiving

In this video, Dan the Man, the “Life Regenerator” shows a Thanksgiving feast made entirely from raw foods. The beautiful table of food really makes this video, and the fact that the friends are definitely enjoying it. This video opens people up to a different view of eating!

alpha m (Alpha Male Channel) – Style, Grooming and Fitness

Aaron Marino promotes a $75 video product on Style, along with other products on grooming and dating. His videos are fun and informative, and somewhat comedic. Some promote his link to his products, others are a lot more soft-sell.

Here’s a sample video called:

How To Flirt Without Being Creepy and How To Approach

In one case, he had a teaser video on YouTube on how to groom your beard. In the video, he basically “sold you” that you need to click the link below to go to his website to watch the video (Beard Grooming).

Newscaster in his Christmas Jammies

Here’s another video that is anything but boring. I believe it is a sly way for Penn Holderness (http://thepennternet.com/about/) to launch his new video business. This video also emphasizes the family life, and is not afraid to make light of his recent vasectomy.

According to his about page: Penn is an 18 year veteran of the TV business. Since college he’s been a sports director in Colorado and Orlando, a TV host for Designer Finals, an ESPN Reporter, and most recently a newsanchor in Raleigh. And after those 18 years, he’s decided that he isn’t really interested in about half of the things he talked about on the news. So he’s quitting. He now owns a production/marketing company (visitthegreenroom.com), and is using this blog to showcase the 100% of things he actually cares about. His wife Kim Dean Holderness is his business partner.

The Atlantis King – Man of Passion

This may be the oddest video I post on this site.

Dan Kennedy says the #1 sin of marketing is to be boring.

This guy may offend you because of his lack of shirt, his youth, or his language, but you’ve got to admit, it’s one of the most amazing videos you ever seen. You might even wonder what he is actually saying, perhaps his message is lost in the drama.

However, I do watch this form time to time looking for ideas to use in my videos.

I introduce you to “The Atlantis King”:

Notice how at the end he includes the outtakes, or bloopers. This is is a technique used by many marketers to get people to watch all the way to the end of the video. You must also admit his appeal to “like” and “subscribe” is also one of the most unique you’ve ever seen.

Sean Mize Teaches the “Content Marketing Chain”

You can resuse and republish your content in many different formats. In this video, Sean Mize teaches how to create a blog post or article, with an infographic. You then put the infographic on PInterest. After that, you create a Slideshare presentation based on the keypoints and graphics in your article. (A Slideshare presentation is very similar to a PowerPoint, but it’s on the web, and you can share it with the world.) Then you create a You Tube where you discuss the Slidershare. You then create a small excerpt of your article and post that to Facebook. You could also put your infographic and/or video on Facebook.

Sean Mize has over 25,000 articles on EzineArticles.com and teaches at InfoBusinessUniversity.com

How To Get More YouTube Views and Organic Traffic from Youtube – by Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson is a well known internet marketing, probably most famous for the Underground Training Lab.

You can do it yourself, or we can help you get started, by recording, editing, publishing, and promoting your videos. See our Contact page.

Video Lessons Learned from One Million Views on YouTube

Business videos don’t have to be serious all the time. James mixes it up here with some fun from the past.
Note the use of “outtakes” and funny videos at the end, and of course, a call to action!


Click on the picture above to check out his website!


How Your Videos Can Improve Over Time

I’ve heard it said that your first 50 videos will be your worst. Or, put another way, after you’ve done 50, you will start to have the “hang of it”.

You want a lot of videos? Do the math.

Do the math, if you do 5 videos a week, 50 weeks a year, that’s 250 videos a year. So you can have 1000 videos in 4 years. Dan McDonald, “The Life Generator” has 1023 videos last time I checked. But I don’t see him improving, like I do with Marie Forleo of MarieForleo.com.

Marie Forleo was a guest speaker at Brendon Burchard’s “Experts Academy” that I attended in Santa Clara last week. She is a student of Brendon’s marketing, and now, she sells a $1997 online course called “B-School”, a marketing course aimed at women.

Watch the two videos below. The first is her current work. The second one was done at the beginning of 2013, where she goes back and shows how her videos progressed over a two year period.

The type of classy and fun videos Marie makes today

Two Years of Constant Improvement

Notice how she does NOT make the videos on a white, black, or even green-screen background. On some, she uses a backdrop that looks like classy wallpaper. On others, she uses either a stage, or what might be a corner in her apartment. But that corner is extremely well decorated and balance. I noticed the same style of flowers in most of her videos, so she is using the flowers as a trademark.

Ghastly Shadows Solved with Three Point Lighting

Have you ever seen a video with ghastly shadows like this?


What about his off-center position.  Actually, the rule of thirds is good.  But when he is not gesturing his hand, he looks way off-center to me.

The video below gives a full demo of not only the classic “Three Point Lighting”, but also throws in the backlights on a white background.

Making good videos can be challenging. While you can learn it and do it yourself, our company comes to you and we film your marketing videos in 1/2 day or full day increments. Then we hustle back to our high-end computers to edit, produce, and even upload your videos. The goal is to get your message out to the world, which in turn can get you more customers or followers.