Five Types of YouTube Videos Every Business Needs

I’m a member of James Wedmore’s membership site. If you want to do videos yourself, he’s a great teacher.


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James mentions the website: as a source of buying background music.


Stunning Cover-Page Graphics for YouTube Video Channel

Here is an example of a most excellent YouTube video channel. What’s impressive is the graphic art work, the title in exciting bold letters. Each one of these video “cover pages” probably takes an hour of work. So there is extra cost involved, but we deal with graphic artists (outsourcers) who do it for a very fair price.

Gideon Shalwick YouTube Video Channel

Gideon Shalwick YouTube Video Channel

Small SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) Video Production Studio

I basically have something like this set up at my loft in Las Colinas. But why go through all the bother of buying the equipment and setting up your own video studio? We can come to your site, or you come to our site, and we can create a large number of videos in a 3-8 hour shooting session. Then you don’t have to buy the thousands of dollars of lights, cameras, microphones and equipment. Plus, there is the aspect of editing the videos, after you have recorded them.

As our website name says, “Marketing Videos Done For”, we provide all the equipment, know-how, and post-production-work, so you can focus on what you do best.

Spertus Institute Hires Local Second City Comedy Students To Create Video

Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership recently asked three students studying improv at Chicago’s renowned Second City to come up with a tagline for Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership.

Describing Spertus from Spertus Institute on Vimeo.

Comedy is a great way to give a light-hearted edge to your image. It also makes you appear to be “hip” and “cool.”

It can also help your video to viral. Have you seen Dish Networks new series of commercials? If you haven’t, they have a teacher leading a class of students in how to speak Bostonese, or as they say “Boston as a Second Language.” For example, the teacher shows drawings of “Car Keys” and “Khakis” on the white board, and the teacher pronounces both as an indistinguishable “CAAAAA-KEYS”, and ask the students if they understand. They all respond yes, but with bewildered looks on their faces, as they try to repeat after the teacher.



Spertus Institute is an educational center in Chicago. While unaffiliated with any one branch of Judaism, it offers learning opportunities that are rooted in Jewish wisdom and culture and open to all. Spertus offers graduate degrees in Jewish Professional Studies, Jewish Studies, and Nonprofit Management — accredited by North Central Association of Colleges and Schools — as well as professional workshops and a range of public educational and cultural programs. Hats off to Spertus for creative use of Second City and video for their institution.

25 Year Old Starts The Detroit Bus Company

When Detroit canceled its much anticipated M-1 light rail to solve the cities transportation problems. When his neighbors couldn’t get to work, youngster Andy Didorosi started his own bus company and competes with the public transportation system.

For more information:

Use Video to Attract Donations

Sometimes, making videos is about getting your message out. The video below educates on a health problem that afflicts two million women. It is done in the style of a “Doodle Video”, where the hand draws words and pictures. There are actually software tools available to quickly create doodle videos without having to hire an artist.

An Excellent FundRaising Video Example

Not all “business” videos exist to get new customers. Here’s an example of a couple using Kickstarter to fund their film. Kickstarter is a site where entrepreneurs attract crowd funding for their business projects. The filmmakers are are trying to raise $200,000 for their film.

Be Natural: The untold story of Alice Guy-Blache Kickstarter Pitch

Be Natural: The untold story of Alice Guy-Blache Kickstarter Pitch from Be Natural on Vimeo.

By the way, I’m sure the above video cost $25,000 or more to produce. Look at the number of scenes and the time it would have taken to craftfully splice them all together.

Here’s a second plea they have on Kickstarter:

Reality Checked from Be Natural on Vimeo.

And this is the film trailer:

Be Natural Trailer from Be Natural on Vimeo.

YouTube vs Hollywood

Most people don’t go to YouTube for Hollywood movies and big screen theater experience. People go to YouTube to get their how-to questions answered. They are looking for content. Many don’t want to read blogs, or read a book. They want to see how something is done. Demonstrations are great. YouTube provides the human touch. A local business person can share their personality with the prospect, who will get to know, like, and trust him, and eventually buy from him.

YouTube is basically becoming a search engine.

Good quality is a necessity, but Hollywood effects and perfection are not necessary for marketing and customer acquisition. Some videos with millions of views are not Hollywood quality.

The idea of “multi-casting” is to go where the customer is. Some prospects want to read a kindle book, some want to listen to an ITunes audio in their car on their way to work. Yet other prospects want to watch a video, or see a demonstration., a Dallas based company, owned and operated by Neal Walters (of Dallas), offers a multi-platform approach. We can video you, edit the results, and then mutlicast the video/audio to multiple sites, and even turn the same material into a book if you want. We can help you create a multi-episode, web-show, or we can help you gather customer testimonials. We’ll even come to your place of business and do the “filiming.” Click the “contact” button or large banner at the top to start the process.

Use of Stock Video by Jason Silva

Here is another Jason Silva video to inspire you. Videos like this can take weeks and thousands of dollars to create. There are websites that sell stock photos, so most everything Jason uses here can be licensed. It then takes hours of video editing to splice it all together into an outstanding final product as Jason does.

However, if there is one stock photo that you particular like, and that gets your message across, it can be used as your logo to begin or end your video.

Men’s Clothing Store Triples Sales with YouTube

Here’s Antonio Centeno’s YouTube Channel:

Here’s a sample video from Antonio:

I found out about this because I’m a member of James Wedmore’s video training course:
Video Training

But recently, I started “Marketing Videos Done For You”, because you may not want to set up a studio in your basement, as Antonio did. We bring the equipment to your site, do a video session, and then go back and do all the post-production in our offices. Check our contact or home page.