Casey Neistat’s Video Promotion for Nike Fuel Band

Casey Niestat is more know for his stop motion animations. Nike came to him with $10,000 and asked him to promote their new Nike Fuel Band. It wasn’t even available yet when he made this video. Rather than making a “boring” video, he and one friend set out to travel the world until the $10,000 ran out. In 10 days, they visited probably 8 or more countries.

This is the amazing and inspiring video they produced:

This video obviously appeals to the younger generation, and I’m sure it went viral. YouTube is currently showing over 9 MILLION VIEWS for it.

Sample Video – Imagine, Design, Create! Insipired by Autodesk – by Jason Silva

I’ll be uploading a few examples to get you to think about videos “outside the box”.

The following is basically a promotion for Autodesk by the talented Jason Silva.