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Using a “Toon-Video” to Sell

These types of videos are called “Toons”, “Cartoons”, “Sketchers” or “Doodle_Videos”. Basically, it looks like a persons hand is drawing cartoons or sketches in front of you while you listen to an accompanying audio track. The following video is extremely well done, and long. Is this video too long? Dan Kennedy says that a 4 […]


Fully Raw Kristina – Fuirst-Infused Vitamin Water!

Kristina has mastered the art of making videos. Beautiful background (flowers), beautiful clothes, beautiful personaltiy… am in love? Kristina has lived a full raw lifestyle for 8 years (as of 2014). She has 106 videos n her channel. She runs 6 to 8 miles per day, and eats 2500 calories per day. Listen to your […]