Chris Pirillo – The Locker Gnome – Empowering the Geek Lifestyle; Finding Cool Stuff for You Since 1996!

Chris Pirillo became famous by doing tons of videos from his home desk using his geeky persona. He reviews products, and has built a loyal following over the years. He is famous for introducing new gizmos and gadgets to the techie world.

He is the founder and CEO of LockerGnome, Inc., a network of blogs, Web forums, mailing lists, and online communities with the bragging rights of over 100,000 members and 340,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel and and total video views of over 179,000,000. He has over 149,000 followers on Facebook and over 133,000 Twitter followers.

Chris provides the perfect example of how to build an online following. Here is an example of one of his recent 30 minute shows. It might not be your cup of tea, but he definitely has his own audience.

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