Dapper Day At the Most Magical Place on Earth

How to make a day at Disney land even more special. On September 27, it’s “Dapper Day”. I’m not sure if this is smart marketing, or just plain fun.

Those in the know will come dressed up, in their own interpretation of “dapper”.  From the video, it looks most kind of take on 50-60’s innocent style.   Bow ties for men, and old-timey dresses for women seem to be the norm on this special day.

Learn more about Dapper Day here.

As always, I like to ask, how can you do this in your business?  If you don’t own a theme park, how could you apply this?  It would work for great for restaurants and various events.  Maybe even a shopping mall or a store could offer a special discount to anyone wearing a bow tie or high heels.


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