Have You Considered Passionate Poetry for your Commercial?

Here are two examples of Slam Poetry. It might be a genre you are not familiar with, if you’re not “hip.” I first saw it on an HBO series, and I’ve seen contests of high school kids competing. Below are two examples for you.

How could you use this in your business or marketing? Well, if you have something really passionate, and you’re targeting the under 35 crowd, then maybe it would work for you. You just have the passion, talents, and guts to do it. Or hire someone who can.

The first one is by a teacher, who was rudely asked “What do Teachers Make”?

The second one is by Dominique Christina & Denice Frohman and is entitled “No Child Left Behind”. It’s emphasizes the need for improvement in the school system.

The third one is poetry, but I don’t think it’s technially “Slam Poetry.”

For more brainstorm poetic ideas, see the Button Poetry – YouTube Channel

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