How Your Videos Can Improve Over Time

I’ve heard it said that your first 50 videos will be your worst. Or, put another way, after you’ve done 50, you will start to have the “hang of it”.

You want a lot of videos? Do the math.

Do the math, if you do 5 videos a week, 50 weeks a year, that’s 250 videos a year. So you can have 1000 videos in 4 years. Dan McDonald, “The Life Generator” has 1023 videos last time I checked. But I don’t see him improving, like I do with Marie Forleo of

Marie Forleo was a guest speaker at Brendon Burchard’s “Experts Academy” that I attended in Santa Clara last week. She is a student of Brendon’s marketing, and now, she sells a $1997 online course called “B-School”, a marketing course aimed at women.

Watch the two videos below. The first is her current work. The second one was done at the beginning of 2013, where she goes back and shows how her videos progressed over a two year period.

The type of classy and fun videos Marie makes today

Two Years of Constant Improvement

Notice how she does NOT make the videos on a white, black, or even green-screen background. On some, she uses a backdrop that looks like classy wallpaper. On others, she uses either a stage, or what might be a corner in her apartment. But that corner is extremely well decorated and balance. I noticed the same style of flowers in most of her videos, so she is using the flowers as a trademark.

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