Johnnie Walker Commercial

Johnnie Walker does another amazing commerical (see earlier Johnnie Walker commercial here).

This one features Robert Carlyle, who I came to appreciate as Dr. Nicholas Rush in Stargate Universe TV series.

What makes this video unique is several things:

1.  The continuous walk down the beautiful Scottish countryside.  Robert surely had to have his script memorized and timed perfectly.

2. As he walks and talks, when he reaches a keyword in his script, a prop often appears on the side of the road.

3. It tells a story.  Do people know the story behind you and your product?  There’s an old saying that “Facts tell but stories sell.”  If you can tell a true story, it is often more interesting, and thus get more viewers and shares.  Further, since it is a TRUE story, it will be genuine, and more meaningful to the listeners.   People are also more likely to remember a story.

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