Mike Koenigs – Disruptasaurus Presentation


If you made nearly $10,000,000 in a product launch, would you still where a dinosaur suit?  Why not?  Mike is dedicated to sharing his message.

In May, 2014, Neal Walters – owner of this website, went to San Diego for Mike’s certification training in Traffic Geyser 2.0 and Top Gun Marketing.  Neal is putting the techniques into practice into his own marketing businesses, which include Hebrew software . For an example, see this “Six Ways to Learn Hebrew” video.

Notice his call to action at the end of the speech.  He gave 20 minutes of value, and a short “oh yea” 1 minute offer.  He offers:

1) A process – how to make a perfect video testimonial

2) Share all the technology “I’ve been using”

3) The slides from the presentation

All the audience members has to do is text their name and email to a number, or visit a web page: www.Disruptasaurus.com.

Neal is certified on the very same system, called Traffic Geyser 2.0/Instant Customer.  Neal can handle all the tech work to set up you SMS number and lead-capture website just like Disruptassaurs.com.

With Mike’s tools, Neal can set you up with a system to “grab” and stay in instant contact with prospects and customers, from either your speaking engagements, from videos on the web, and from social websites.  We have the latest in “SMS” or text messaging, along with scanning business cards, flyers, websites, and smart-phone mobile applications.

For more details, sign-up at Neal Walters Marketing

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