Put your promise or “hook” before your “intro”/authority video

Note in the video below, the author (a lady known as “Ace”), states her hook or promise up front (“to share five effective marketing strategies to help you solve one of the biggest problems in marketing, generating leads for your business” .  Then she says “I’ll see you when you get back.”   This is done in the first 23 seconds, and we know that people will often click off a video in those seconds.

So in other words, she did a smart thing by not putting the canned intro first.  She gave the “hook”, then the canned “intro” showed her authority, and why the viewer should trust her to provide this information.

Her intro/authority video runs form 0:23 to 0:41 – less than 20 seconds, showing beaches of the world, her and her husband having fun, etc…

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