Quality is Still Number One

Quality and cleverness still rule!  If you create an amazing and clever video, people will share it, it can even go viral.  As of the day I posted this blog, the video below has 3,921,402 views, yes nearly 4 MILLION VIEWS!!!  I discovered this video, because someone shared it on Facebook.

So if you are witty or clever, consider putting in the time to make such a quality video, or hire it out to one of your funny or witty friends.

Hats off to Z.E. Frank (aka ze frank), the EVP of Video for Buzzfeed.com. This is where he puts his passion projects, both funny and not as funny. please go to zefrankenfriends for shows closer to the old style, and to /buzzfeedvideo to see what the rest of the buzzfeed team is up to.



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