Short Film – Gentleman’s Wager – Part 2 (with Jude Law)

Johnnie Walker Blue Label has done it again. Another 11 minute short film starring Jude Law, Giancarlo Giannini and Zhao Wei. (See previous “Gentleman’s Wager” here.)

So is this a commercial? Obviously, Johnnie Walker is branding here.  They are not overtly getting you to place an order on a website.  They are associated their brand and label with the finer things of life, the millionaire playboy lifestyle enjoyed by these two great actors.

In Part 1, Jude wants to buy a boat from Giancarlo, but “It’s not for sale”, and Jude proceeds it by winning a bet.  Similarly, in this film, Giancarlo has a beautiful old car, a blue Delahaye 135, also not for sale.  Jude offers to repair it and drive to Monte Carlo by noon the next day. He works feverishly to repair the vehicle, the sets off on his journey, only to be delayed by a beautiful damsel in distress.  I won’t spoil the end, enjoy watching!

Now you can see there was one well done product placement.  The bottle of Johnnie Walker is placed in the car by the lady he helped on the road.  Then at the end, he in turn gives it to the painter as an apology for running over his newly painted finish line.  You also see the butler serving a glass of whiskey in the garage, and later briefly toasting a glass in the library.

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