Show Off Your Skills – Example of Frank Howarth Building Bookcases

In this video, Frank Howarth (who seems to be the invisible man), shows how he made some really nice bookcases. He also shows solving a problem, getting the books from being stacked haphazardly and from being piled on the floor. He doesn’t actually seem to be selling anything in the video.

How can you use this in your business? Let people know how you do what you do. There is a famous example of how Coors Beer described how they made their beer with cool, clean, mountain water. Perhaps every other beer uses equally good water, but Coors capitalized on “how they did what they did”, and became the first beer to describe in detail the process behind how the beer was made. Again, not necessarily unique, but they told the inner workings of the process. In one of the other videos below, Frank gives a full tour of his woodwork shop. Is there something you can give a tour of to show your customers how you do things?

What video skills were used in this video? Well, 1) it’s similar to a “claymation” stop motion, where the video creator shapes little clay creatures. 2) He uses “time delay” to show a lot of work being done in a very short time (again the interesting thing is that you never see a human in the shots) 3) He uses humor, with the books “squeaking” and moving themselves on to the shelfs. 4) Another humorous element is how he animates the grippers and some of the tools, giving them human characteristics.

After seeing the above, I wanted to learn more about Frank, who is an architect, but has learned woodworking entirely on his own. Here are a couple of other must-see videos:

Frank buys a new country home and builds a new workshop

Frank gives tour of his wood workshop

See his full channel here Frank Howarth’s YouTube Channel

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