Shutterstock Photos and Videos

ShutterStock is a stock photo site, where you can search and download high quality images for use in your blogs, advertising, brochures, and other media. You can either buy “one off” images at fairly high prices, or you can get a monthly subscription, where you can download 25 images in a 24 hour period.

NOTE: That is not a day. The clock restarts when you have downloaded your 25th picture. So for example, on Monday, you between 8:00 and 9:00 you shop and download 25 pictures. That means the next time you can download a picture is at 9:00 on Tuesday. If it takes you an hour to shop and select your next images, you finish at 10:00 on Tuesday, and so you have to wait until 10:00 on Wednesday for your next download. I find that with this type of schedule, you have to put reminders on your calendar to get the most out of your subscription. I find that often, even when using the calendar, I often only download 25 images about every 18 or 48 hours, leaving 30-50% of my purchases “on the table”, i.e. unused and unavailable.

Shutterstock is basically a middleman. The buy and select pictures from any photographer than wants to upload them. The know which type of pictures sell, and they don’t accept every image. The photographer than gets a royalty on each sell. The buyer typically has the right to use the picture in any form. A very small number of pictures are allowed for editorials only, and not for advertising.

Shutterstock has ove 30 million images in its collection. Buyers typically search for keywords, such as “retired couple” or “businessman ladder”. In addition to images, Shutterstock also provides over one million Stock Video Clips.

Below is an interview with Jon Oringer, who founded Shutterstock in 2003. The website averages selling 3 images per second.

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