Use Variety Of Videos In Your Business – Example of Two Extremes

EmpowerNetwork_Million_Dollar_Earner_RingBelow, I want to show you two totally different styles of videos.  Shaqir has at least three business, each that make him a million dollars per year.  He is the youngest and first Brit to earn the Million Dollar earner ring in Empower Network. YouTube is of course one of his lead generating systems.

In the first video, Shaqir is wearing his preppy polo shirt, standing on a beautiful beech, and promoting his business.

In the second video, you could say he “lets his hair down”.  It’s recorded at 4:30 am, apparently after a late night session of working.  He is obviously tired, but he opens up more, you learn more about him.  He refers to prayers an Allah, letting you know a little about his spiritual side.

Each video has a time and a place. Each one make appeal to a different type of person, or be the nudge to get the person to click and move forward as a prospect or customer.

Shaqir Hussyin – On The Beaches of the World

Shaqir Hussyin – 4:30 am Heartfelt Rant on Success

To see how that business works, watch this short video:

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