Using a “Toon-Video” to Sell

These types of videos are called “Toons”, “Cartoons”, “Sketchers” or “Doodle_Videos”. Basically, it looks like a persons hand is drawing cartoons or sketches in front of you while you listen to an accompanying audio track.

The following video is extremely well done, and long. Is this video too long? Dan Kennedy says that a 4 page sales letter outsells a 2 page sales letter, and that an 8 page sales letters outsells a four page letter, and even a 16 page letter outsells an 8 pager. If your a hitting the right buttons and pain points, and it’s not boring, the right customer will watch it.

There are shorter versions on YouTube. My guess is there primary function is to entice you to watch the longer video.

On their website, they have a button, that refers to the buy page:, however on YouTube, they are missing a “Call to action”. If you want to see their main sales funnel, check it out here:

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