YouTube vs Hollywood

Most people don’t go to YouTube for Hollywood movies and big screen theater experience. People go to YouTube to get their how-to questions answered. They are looking for content. Many don’t want to read blogs, or read a book. They want to see how something is done. Demonstrations are great. YouTube provides the human touch. A local business person can share their personality with the prospect, who will get to know, like, and trust him, and eventually buy from him.

YouTube is basically becoming a search engine.

Good quality is a necessity, but Hollywood effects and perfection are not necessary for marketing and customer acquisition. Some videos with millions of views are not Hollywood quality.

The idea of “multi-casting” is to go where the customer is. Some prospects want to read a kindle book, some want to listen to an ITunes audio in their car on their way to work. Yet other prospects want to watch a video, or see a demonstration., a Dallas based company, owned and operated by Neal Walters (of Dallas), offers a multi-platform approach. We can video you, edit the results, and then mutlicast the video/audio to multiple sites, and even turn the same material into a book if you want. We can help you create a multi-episode, web-show, or we can help you gather customer testimonials. We’ll even come to your place of business and do the “filiming.” Click the “contact” button or large banner at the top to start the process.

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